The 40-Year-Old
Humoirs of a Divorced Dad
"The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a
Divorced Dad"
is a unique and
award-winning collection of funny and
personal essays that examine how
divorce reinvents relationships with kids
and one's own sense of Dadhood.

The 40 short "humoirs" -- heroic,
hysterical, and heartbreaking reflections
on being a part-time Dad in a full-time
life -- make a meaningful read for any
parent, particularly the millions who've
gone through divorce with their senses
of humor intact.

"The 40-Year-Old Version" was officially
released in June 2009 by
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing.

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Joel Schwartzberg is an award-winning
essayist and screenwriter, national
champion public speaker and speech
coach, law school drop-out, horror fan,
divorced father, and former
Wheel of
contestant. He was a Head
Writer for Nickelodeon in 1998 and is
currently s
peech writer for a major
non-profit organization

Joel's essays on parenting and other
spontaneous phenomena have appeared
The New York Times Magazine,
Newsweek, The New York Daily News, The
New York Post, The Star Ledger, New
Jersey Monthly,, Chicken Soup
for the Soul
, The Huffington Post, and
regional parenting magazines
throughout the U.S. and Canada.
"Schwartzberg transforms mundane events into
hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching tales—
from entertaining antics about cramming his twin
girls, son, girlfriend, and five cats into a one-
bedroom apartment, to moving reflections on his
son’s battle with a misdiagnosed illness."
-Victoria Grantham, New Jersey Monthly
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"A short, punchy book that finds the humor in
divorce and marriage... Schwartzberg’s motto is,
'Steer your kids toward happiness.' This book
will help steer dads and moms that way --
learning and laughing as they grow."
- Pat Turner, The Star-Ledger
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"Writer Joel Schwartzberg explores his
adventures in parenting, and shows us in a fresh
way that it’s not easy being a Dad, or a kid
especially after a divorce...Let his energy inspire
-Jill Dearman, Barnes &
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Amusing, vulnerable essays about how a recently
divorced guy learns how to be "Dad" while also
growing as a human being. A great read for all
Dr. Chris Blazina, author of The Secret Lives of Men
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If you moms and stepmoms are looking for a
great holiday gift for all the dads and stepdads in
your life, I highly recommend this wonderfully
hilarious and warm-hearted book…Joel’s self-
deprecating and insightful humor reminded me
of Dave Barry.
- Beth Shady,
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"The 40-Year-Old Version is filled with honesty
and wry humor about the unexpected roads that
life and fatherhood can take us down."
-Brian Frank, BookDads
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"Between the covers of his collection of personal
essays, there are amusing stories and very funny
jokes, but also a lot of wisdom."
-Serena Solomon, The New York Times' "The Local"
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"...The essays in this memoir are sometimes
laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes absolutely
heartbreaking...I love how the book shows his
feelings for his kids and documents those little
awkward moments that come with life after a
-Jacquelyn B. Fletcher, author of A Career Girl’s
Guide to Becoming a Stepmom
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"...Takes humor mixed with a dose of reality and
transparency and wraps it all together in a
package that any father can enjoy regardless of
marital status. I found that I laughed, cried, and
was driven to thoughtful reflection during this
enjoyable read."
-Dave Baldwin, The Father Life
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"Schwartzberg has struck new ground in daddy lit.
In his funny and touching book about divorced
fatherhood, [he] dispenses some good advice...A
sensitive yet lighthearted account of divorced
-Carolyn Stetler, The Star Ledger's "Parental
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"A hilarious jaunt...All of the stories give a
wonderful glimpse into the mysterious and
funny experiences of a father who is now
parenting on his own. It gives fathers and parents
in general a good opportunity to laugh and see
parenting through different eyes...Though Joel
does have humorous moments he also talks about
important topics that impact many families. He is
honest with the reader and I for now commend
him on this as it makes the book come alive for
the reader."
- Dad of Divas
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"An enjoyable book that tackles tricky subject
matter without pulling out the tiny violins."
-Karianna Dahlen, A Spectrum of Reviews
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"Although many of the mini-chapters are just
plain funny, there’s a healthy dose of real issues
that concern dads — both married and divorced...
Joel shows us (dads) that we are not as alone as
we may have thought."
-Joey Guido, Daddy Brain
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"As a woman who’s married to a divorced man
with kids, Joel’s vulnerable wisdom hit a raw
nerve...I applaud [his] courage to put his
insecurities on the table, not only because it’s
admirable, but because his candor is so damn
funny. "
-Izzy Rose, author of The Package Deal: My (Not-
So) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to
Instant Mom
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"What I loved most about 'The 40-Year-Old
Version' — besides the title — is the fact that you,
the reader, really see how he grows as a father, a
man, and a human being (and he sure cracks you
up along the way!)"
-Rachel Sarah,
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"...Not just a great read; it also gives a voice to
divorced dads working without fanfare to stay
involved in their children’s lives..."
-Ron Mattocks, Clark Kent's Lunchbox
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"Not only funny, but amazingly realistic and
engaging. So many chapters of this book blend
well together with the daily lives that we all
share as divorced dads...I hope you will enjoy this
book as much as I did."
-RJ Jaramillo,
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"Joel has a great sense of humour and provides
insights that all dads, whether married, divorced,
common-law, or what-have-you, can relate to at
some level."
-Vincent Marra, The
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"An exhilarating roller coaster ride, careening
from stories that will make readers laugh out
loud, to stories that will make readers shed a tear
or two...If you haven’t found the perfect gift for
that special dad on your list, may I suggest Joel
Schwartzberg’s new book"
-Stefan Lonce, The Montauk Sun
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"'The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a
Divorced Dad' may just be the perfect father’s
day present..."
-Mary Mann,
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"Joel Schwartzberg saw the lack of material out
there for divorced dads and he decided to do
something about it...Think short life stories and
lessons that show you what a real divorced dad
thinks about and how he handles the trials and
triumphs that life offers up."
-Victoria Arya,
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"His humorous expressions of the trials and
tribulations of fatherhood, as well as the joy he
has found as a dad, speak to the common father,
whether divorced or married. This would be a
great gift to any father."
-Wayne Parker, Fatherhood Guide
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"I found this book hilarious and it made me think
about how my Dad probably felt as he embarked
on his new life. I am so happy  Joel took
something that can be touchy with some people
and made it comical. It's probably hard to see an
ex or to become a part time parent but Joel took
those difficulties and wrote about them in a way
that everyone can relate to. I really enjoyed this
-Krista Whiz, Heavenly Savings
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"A thoughtful, loving tribute to dads and
-Karen Deerwester,
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"If you read one book about parenting this year,
let this one be it..."
-Annette Van de Kamp,
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" A very witty, well written account of what it’s
like to be a divorced father... not just for divorced
dads, dads, or even just men thinking of having
children. I think this is an excellent book for
women to read in order to understand men,
fathers, and how we women can overshadow
them at times. At times very moving, this
memoir will inspire the reader to reconnect with
their children or just appreciate life as a parent."
-Nina Uppal, Blogger
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"As difficult as divorce can be, Joel
Schwartzberg brings humor and realism to this
otherwise dismal freefall experience. The
author's writing is brilliant and engaging as he
reveals 40 separate short adventures.....many of
which await the newly divorced dad. A
delightful read."
- David Knox, Ph.D., author of
The Divorced
Dad's Survival Book

"An engaging, witty, warm and exhilarating
ride. The journey will inspire every reader –
especially dads – to discover their own, unique
parent inside."
- Dr. Will Courtenay, “The Men’s Doc,”
psychotherapist and founder of

“Joel Schwartzberg leads you through his
insights and experiences as a divorced dad with
a sincere honesty and natural humor that is
greatly appreciated in a world where divorce
and co-parenting are becoming so common.”
- Shirley Cress Dudley, MA LPC, author of
Blended Family Advice, and founder of The
Blended and Step Family Resource Center.

"This book takes a very serious and heart
wrenching situation and puts a light-hearted
spin on it, which leaves the reader laughing
aloud.  As a step-mom I can relate to Joel’s
journey, and I am sure other people in similar
situations, be it divorced dads, or their second
wives, can find a comical, yet honest
experience they can connect with."
- Teresa Dickerson, Founding blogger, The Step-
In Mom

“I couldn't have bought a better present for my
husband, a divorced dad. We love reading it
together, laughing and crying as we turn the
pages of the short stories that speak volumes
to us as readers in a blended family... I highly
recommend this book as a special gift that will
be sure to uplift [dads] in a very difficult time.
No one feels alone after reading this book!”  
- "Enlightened Stepmoms' Group", Atlanta,

"'The 40-Year-Old Version' is not only clever,
but smart and heartfelt."
- Robert Wilder, author of Daddy Needs a Drink
Tales from the Teacher's Lounge

"A captivating, humorous, insightful book
offering wise, hard-earned guidance for
divorced dads, this is the perfect gift for men
who are co-parenting with their ex-wives."  
- Dr. Linda Nielsen, President of the American
Coalition for Fathers and Children and author
Between Fathers & Daughters

"Amusing, vulnerable essays about how a
recently divorced guy learns how to be 'Dad'
while also growing as a human being. A great
read for all fathers!"
- Rachel Sarah, author of Single Mom Seeking and
founder of

"An insightful, warm, and self aware look at
what   it’s like to be a divorced dad today."  
- Peter McKay, Syndicated Humor Columnist

"'The 40-Year-Old Version' is laugh-out-loud
funny, but the essays are warm as well as
witty, touching on emotions all parents share. I
found myself both giggling at the one liners
and nodding at the wisdom of many of the
parental observations."
- Linda Cashdan, author of Special Interests

"'The 40-Year-Old Version' is funny, but it also
has a surprising emotional depth, wisdom, and
dark candor that adds idiosyncratic poignancy
to this engaging portrayal of single
- Susan Shapiro, author of Five Men Who Broke
My Heart

"In a witty and endearingly realistic way, Joel
tells the stories of today's divorced dadsand
their endeavors to share life's truths with their
- Steven Ashley, founder of the Divorced
Fathers Network and author of
The Long-
Distance Dad

"'The 40-Year-Old Version' is zippy and
entertaining, but it also reveals something
profound: that divorce is not the end of the
world, and that fathers, mothers, and children
can flourish in its wake."
- Jeremy Adam Smith, author of The Daddy Shift

"...Chock full of dead-on funny and tender
snap-shots of the wacky situations that color
every family’s life, 'The 40-Year-Old Version'
is a revealing, sometimes courageous portrait
of a passionate, vulnerable, and determinedly
positive dad...If you ever grew up in a family,
you’re going to love this book."
- Dr. Christine Ranck, co-author of Ignite the
Genius Within.
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